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Going Back to Mexico


Marquito Gonzales, an outstanding  student and high school track star, is going back to Mexico with his undocumented parents. He has lost everything - his chance to go to college, his girlfriend, and his dreams. Now he is a waiter at the five-star Sunset Point Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Back in Mexico after ten years of being Americanized, Marquito doesn't know who he is or how to survive. Angry, confused, and vulnerable, he meets Ashley - a red-haired runaway radical, the tattoed gringa with the asymmetrical bob. She feeds his anger and resentment as they plan how to shut down the resort and terrorize the guests.


Time-share owners at Sunset Point, Vera and Ollie Webster sit at Marquito's table for breakfast each morning. Vera was a social worker and Ollie a successful corporate attorney, but now in retirement, he questions the value of his law career and ponders anew the purpose of life. Vera wants to do some good with their wealth before they die by helping the workers they have befriended, particularly Marquito who seems so lost and upset. Can she match him up with Maribel, the dimpled breakfast cook who watches him with loving eyes?

Jim Davis, author

                                WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK



As time-share owners at several Mexican resorts, my wife and I have develped friendships through the years with many wonderful, generous, simpático people in Mexico, so we find it difficult to understand the hostile attitudes and puzzling prejudices directed toward Mexicans by so many of our fellow Americans today. I told my wife that I must write this novel to introduce our Mexican amigos, share the strengths of this rich culture, and lay bare the rather ugly and embarrassing history of our two countries.


I would prefer to put you in my suitcase and take you along to show you the Mexico I know, but the next best thing is traveling by book. Here you can catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes life at a five-star hotel, enjoy the colorful mall and marina at Cabo San Lucas, taste the fish ceviche, hear the mariachi bands, and begin to feel what it is like for a dreamer to lose his dream and build another. You will find young romance in this novel, but also the love story of an older couple, long-time pals who are helping each other to reexamine the purpose of their lives and do a little good before they die.




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