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I am professor and dean emeritus at the University of Denver, now retired from teaching and administration to work full time on writing fiction. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I moved with my family to Bradford, Pennsylvania, at age 10 and graduated from a terrific consolidataed high school there when study was serious and fun was wholesome. I went on to earn degrees from Oberlin College and Yale University, as well as the Ph.D. from Michigan State University. 


As a professor, I had the opportunity to travel widely in the U.S., Europe, and East Asia. Ten years ago I began buying time-share weeks  in Mexico with my wife Adelaide, originally from Brazil, thus initiating our interest in Mexican culture and the people of Mexico, those who live there and others we encounter living in Colorado.


After writing and publishing eight academic books (publish or perish), I can say that nothing is as difficult as writing fiction, particularly a novel. I have had excellent help from writing consultants, Nan Satter and Coralie Hunter, but how could I succeed without the inspiration of my beloved wife, Adelaide Bouchardet Davis, who makes my characters dance in ways I could never imagine.

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