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Welcome to the BLOG of Jim Davis, author of THE LAST RESORT: Going Back to Mexico. This novel grew out of many personal experiences in Mexico over several years, but it also involved serious research on Mexican culture and U.S. / Mexican history.

Once I began to study Mexico, I couldn't stop, and I continue to watch what is happening in Mexico and what is being written and said about Mexico and Mexicans in the U.S. not all of it positive and in some cases quite embarrassing to a U.S. citizen with so many wonderful amigos in Mexico.

If you read the book, you will be better informed about our neighbors to the south of the 2,000 mile border and the amigos in our midst. I'm speaking of those who serve in the fast food franchises, pick our fruits and vegetables, lay our driveways, and cultivate our gardens. But don't forget those older amigos who have become company presidents, managers, software engineers, physicians, designers, teachers, and writers.


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